As a writer and a reader, I believe that stories live for as long as they’re remembered and told.

You know those books that stay in your mind long after you turn the last page? Those stories read or told to you that lingered and then burrowed into your heart?  Remember those ideas and experiences you shared that made your family and friends say, Wow! ?  These are stories that stick.

When I write, my goal is to create stories that stick in my readers’ minds and hearts. Whether it’s an anecdote about getting to know Mom or Dad better, a coming-of-age tale of a young artist learning to trust what she does best, a love story about two people finding each other against all odds, or a comedy about a marriage-proposal consultant discovering she’s her own best client, I hope you come to know and love my characters.

But my greater wish is that you’ll discover something new and marvelous about yourself. I hope this site helps you realize just that.

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Remember, the most important story that sticks is your own. How will you tell it?

Be encouraged always,